UK Maker Faire 2013 Stand

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UK Maker Faire 2013 Stand

Postby phenoptix » Tue Apr 30, 2013 1:27 pm


Lots of time and effort and most importantly LEDs went into our stall for the maker faire. The most popular parts were the sweet jars running on big clive spot lights, the flood light lemon sherbet LEDs, the rainbow jar and my personal favourite was the all weather disco lamp. Will get them all photographed and some tuts up somewhere soon.

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Re: UK Maker Faire 2013 Stand

Postby vimes79 » Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:38 pm

Those sweet jars look amazing. Am defiantly going to be placing an order when im paid next week for the addressable strips or the Adafruit Pixel cable of RGB's and heading to my local hardware + pretty much everything you can ever need Store to buy one of the large 1.75L or 2.5L Kilner jars (I might check some other places too in case I can find something a little different) they sell and then to the pound shop to buy 5 or so boxes of clear or a light colour but transparent Glass Decorating balls/pebbles/stones to fill it.

I have an Arduino Pro Mini that I have owned and never used for over a year and also have an awesome glass/tile drill to get the wires in. I will print off a custom enclosure to hold the electronics to allow max space in the Jar.

Its one of the first builds I have seen in a long time to inspire me to go out, source the parts and take a crack at it. It is a truly magnificent build and original idea which looks stunning!I have to say, Ben you are a Wizard when it comes to LED's!
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