Some questions about LED's and voltages

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Some questions about LED's and voltages

Postby Wildernes84 » Sat Nov 16, 2013 12:19 pm

Hi folks! This being my first post on the php forum, I have a few questions to ask, since I don't want to be messing anything up on my first project and all.
Anyway, here is the stuff I need to know about.

1. The voltages of every 10mm coloured LED. With a somewhat accurate description of what resistors i would need, and maybe a small diagram if you want an internet cookie.

2. What kind of power they will need, and how it will be delivered. ( For my project, I'm making a PipBoy 3000. I need the LED's to do the buttons on it, and am wondering if i can make it so that it's still easy to get my hand in. I'm going to draw up a diagram in a few minutes. How can I deliver the power to my LED's? (3 of them) Can i do it via battery? What kind of battery do i need? What kind of wiring? (These will NOT be prewired led's. I know how to solder and would much rather do it that way and learn than buying them prewired).

3. Do you guys deliver to Australia? And how many LED's come in a box?

Thanks guys! I'll be monitoring this post daily. I hope you're all well and would be kind enough to take the time out of your day to show a noob a glimpse into the amazing world of DIY projects.

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