Online Support Fail

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Online Support Fail

Postby phenoptix » Fri Oct 12, 2012 2:13 pm

Ben Gray: I tried to place an order today but the site said my cards were declined and the items are left in my cart

darren: you may need to check with your bank

Ben Gray: I contacted my bank to see if there was problem with my account but my debit card has been charged with the order amount (£809.52) twice and my credit card with the order amount once
Ben Gray: each time the website said they couldn't be authorised

darren: there may be a technical issue

Ben Gray: really?

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Re: Online Support Fail

Postby vimes79 » Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:08 pm

LOL, That guy really knows how to state the obvious!

It is more proof to show just how useless the majority of e-commerce stores "Customer Service" and "Product Support" really are!

Thats a damn expensive "Technical Issue" too!

In the last 5 years roughly I have found maybe 6-10 online stores that offer REAL support (inc Phenoptix of course and the others are also mostly either Electronics suppliers or Web Hosting and Dedicated Server Co-Lo hosting, data centers and rental services), from a UK Call center, that understand the products they are selling (or supporting the sale of) and who have access to all departments files without having to pass you round the different departments like a party game! Some even go as far as being friendly and polite at all times and acknowledge when they are in the wrong and have given poor advice that doesn't work or was not needed/relevant and a few even listen to what you have to say...
The absolute worst of the worst in my experience is dealing with the EU RMA Center for Intel... They are the very definition of useless! A certain UK Telecoms company are not far behind either!

I have prob come across 40-50 Companies that just outright fail including some big national and international firms as well as massive service providers (Cough BT Cough Cough).
I have also had the misfortune of being double billed for an expensive GFX Card for my PC a couple years back and after 2 attempts at payment of about £320 a time (one with paypal linked to my debit card and the 2nd with my credit card directly) and both times it said order failed and please try again later. I tried again the next day and used paypal again and it went through and I placed the order with no problems, it wasn't until I was stood at the checkout in Tesco the next day with my cards being declined due to lack of funds that I realised that I had paid 3 times!
The real pain of it is, is that it takes a few seconds to make a payment and transfer funds through paypal using a debit or credit card but if that payment needs to be refunded it can take up to and in some cases over 14 days!!!

To me there are few things that annoy me more than incompetent and slack customer services and tech help desks particularly the ones that have blatantly had no training in the product or service they are supporting and are just reading from a prompting program telling them the questions to ask and the rep then enters in a value to get the next question prompted (normally multiple choice with little room for dealing with non standard problems).

I feel for you Ben!
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Re: Online Support Fail

Postby bigal344 » Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:15 am

Times like that when you really want to be stood near them and just give them a swift clip round the back of the head for stating the bloody obvious!!

Today I have been mostly Nyaning.

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