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PostedCOLON Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:47 pm
by The Crusher
Do you have any PNP transistors? I can only see NPN in the store.


PostedCOLON Sat Dec 15, 2012 2:08 am
by vimes79
AdaFruit RF 315Mhz Remote and Receivers (GREAT PRICE AND VERY VERY USEFUL)

A buddy of mine has just taken delivery of a set of 3 RF Receivers and a 4 button remote key fob currently being sold by Adafruit for a stupidly small amount of money.
We have been messing with them tonight and they are great if you need a set of on/off switches on a wireless link.
There are 3 types (Toggle, Latch, Momentary) on the receivers which are $5 each!!! and the remote works on all 3 and is just $7.

If you got these in the I would buy a set of all 3 and a remote as I have loads of projects that I could use such a simple wireless on/off switch system. You could also use 2 different recievers in one (large) room or in two rooms so you point the remote at 1 receiver to turn the table light on (Via a relay etc of course, the remote just provides a simple On/Off) and in the other room you could have a dimmer set up on a lamp or wall light switch and have 4 pre-set brightnesses and you could toggle through them from Dim to Bright with the same remote. Remotes are all the same so getting a spare isn't a problem.

I think these are great little products and would buy a set of all 3 like I said and a remote.
That would be a good way to sell them too.
Make it to something like £21.99 for a set of the 3 different receivers and 1 remote OR the option to buy the receivers at around £5.99 each and the remote for £8.99. Or similar.

@AdaFruit Pages :
Key Fob :
Toggle RX :
Latching RX :
Momentary RX :

Video quickly showing their use :

I think these have a ton of potential and with some examples including LadyAda's latest stock update vid which shows them off really well. I honestly think these could be a hot seller over here and it is an untapped market in the UK with similar units coming only from China and Hong Kong etc and UK sold ones being less useful and not purpose built with 4 buttons.
They would be a bloody useful addition to any kit box especially a set of all 4 items. You have one guaranteed sale here any way.
Would be a great RoboBrrd Program toggle or mode switch etc...

What does everyone think of them? (if no one else is interested then I will see if I can hitch for an order of all 4 items on Ben's next Adafruit stock order) In fact even to buy direct from Adafruit at $4.95 each and $7 for the remote + about $8-10 for the USPS International 1st class shipping (5-14 days). There is nothing on Ebay this good, all the similar setup are only 2 button and just modified garage door openers. The Adafruit ones are designed for Breadboards or PCB mounting and are literally plug and play... Check the video!


PostedCOLON Sat Dec 15, 2012 5:05 pm
by phenoptix
Noted! Will get some on the next order.


PostedCOLON Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:24 am
by Almurray42
Any news on whether or not you will be getting any of the real carbon fibre skinning kits in? Am quite interested but the only place I can find them is on a website called

I'm sure it was mentioned in the past but can't quite remember where the path was going!