meArm control via Windows program

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meArm control via Windows program

Postby GastonLagaffe » Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:13 pm


I have written a program under windows that drives the meArm with the mouse:
- the core body movement is linked to the mouse moving left-right
- the main lift arm move is linked to the mouse moving forward/backward
- the extension servo of the lift is linked to the scroll wheel
- left/right click closes/opens the gripper

The program is written in Visual Basic 2010 and I have attached the program and its sketch to this post. The available ports are detected automatically and the connect button connects to the board. A double-click on the square activates the mouse position sent to the board, a second double-click deactivates the mouse. The extension servo maximum and minimum is linked to the position of the main lift arm and dynamically adjusted so that the extension servos never under-runs the main arm.

Ciao, Mathias
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