Light panel for Tim Burton "9 Costume"

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Light panel for Tim Burton "9 Costume"

Postby arakin » Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:50 pm

Hi there,

This is my first time on this forum. I am making a very very ambitious costume for a fancy dress party. I am creating Tim Burtons character "9" from the film "9". Its a lot of work, and I have found instructions on how to make the bulk of the costume. I am following references from the pictures in the links below. I am using Green EL wire to make the eyes glow, and White EL wire for the giant lightbulb... but im stuck on the third lighting.

I would like to make the number 9 glow from behind the Hessian material, which I am sewing to a boiler suit. The material is going to be painted black, but when I am in the dark, I want to put some kind of strong lighting in the shape of the same number 9, glowing through the Hessian bag. EL wire is not strong enough/bright enough to work through the Hessian material to be honest. I do want to make it glow green, and as bright as possible, and not rigid!!! Does anyone know a good way of doing this at all? Any help and links to materials and tutorials will be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Light panel for Tim Burton "9 Costume"

Postby dec0y7 » Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:01 pm

First let me start by saying “welcome to the forum”

Sound like a nice idea you have, I would go with this ... innovation

Have a look here at what it can do
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Re: Light panel for Tim Burton "9 Costume"

Postby vimes79 » Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:43 pm

If you don't want a rigid display then your best option is prob using sew on LED's from Adafruits Flora range (available on the main Phenoptix site under "wearables") or similar and stitch them into the costume. Or you could use strips of RGB's or Single colour LED's that come mounted either on a kapton tape or in a silicone type rubbery finish. I believe there are a couple of densities available (ie 3 LED's per 10cm or 5 per 10cm etc), you would most likely have to use several strips around the shape of the number and stagger them to give it a brighter and clearer resolution, they are REALLY bright so could easily be fitted under the fabric to show through it nicely!

A rigid, or more rigid design would be easier but if its not suitable for your costume then you are best going with multiple stitch on LED's or a strip solution. If it is possible to go rigid then giant 7 Segement displays are available in single digits or you could manufacture your own "9" using Polymorph thermoplastic easily (It melts in near boiling water to make it easily soft and malable to shape into whatever you like then with lots of 3mm or 5mm ultra bright leds drilled into it to illuminate it and under a garment it would glow like a solid digit (not lots of little dots). Check out the Iron Man costume solution that uses the same method, here : ... -raynsford

Ben, the director ans owner of this store (Phenoptix) is the man with the plans and certainly knows his stuff when it comes to LED's!! If you email him at the Contact link on the main site then he is usually pretty quick at getting back to you with a solution or so... Also if he doesn't have something in stock then he can normally get it quickly

Good luck!
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Re: Light panel for Tim Burton "9 Costume"

Postby phenoptix » Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:52 pm

Hey Arakin, welcome to the forums! Did the guys help you find what you need? I'll get some more ideas fired your way if not.

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