tobacco kiln

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Re: tobacco kiln

Postby Morys Elyot » Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:31 pm

vimes79 wroteColonAre you sure its Tobacco your growing...?? :D

I know someone that used to grow tobacco (yes really tobacco) in his green house and then cure it and it looks mangy as heck when its curing... all mouldy and nasty, but as you said, its the tobacco fermenting and doing what it needs to, to produce the nicotine and give it its taste etc...

Good luck to you, it looks like it could be done and could certainly be controlled and monitored with a R.Pi and a set of relays and sensors etc to monitor and react to the environmental changes. I would most likely use either a Gertboard or a Wyolum AlaMode (as shown in the Phenoptix blog post introducing Wyolum as one of the Phenoptix suppliers 2nd to last photo) as both of these add Arduino level control with on-board ATMega328P's and accessory potential along with keeping the Pi in the same place to make use of its networking systems, full OS and USB for webcams, wifi dongles and such...

I hate to say it, but a good place to look is over in the Weed growing forums dotted around as they must use and post details of homemade automated systems similar to what your thinking of for looking after their expensive crops which require alot of attention.

***EDIT*** Thinking about it some more and In fact if you break it down and look at each section as a single project, it becomes 4 or 5 simple tasks that you need to set up to run together and again using the Pi and an extra I/O board and it is very do-able with a fairly low cost and a pretty quick and simple build using readily available low price parts.


I quit cigarettes early this year and have been using re-chargeable
e-cigs since then and am currently working on a more efficient system to recharge the batteries and modify to use much longer life and longer lasting charge LiPol battery's that will fit in the 8mm wide tube and am currently playing with an idea for having an extra 2 pin plug on the side of the charger where you can plug one of the fantastic Seeed solar panels into if you want to charge in your car or even just on your window sill without using the car's 12v supply with the engine off or your mains supply or if you are working and have no where else to plug in. I did some testing of power with the smallish £3.69 model and was amazed by how much juice it belts out on a avg Autumn/Early winter day! (Around 6v at 150mA+ under load) Ordering one of the 0.5A ones later in the week.

Hello vimes79, Many individuals who have tried them say that the e-cig has assisted them stop smoking; however, many of those same individuals remain dependent to smoking, a harmful material in-and-of itself. There are some studies assisting the use of the e-cigarette as a stop aid. One small (40 subjects) French study determined that the use of the e-cigarette considerably reduced smoke intake without resulting in serious adverse reactions.

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